Every moment presents an opportunity to invest, regardless of market conditions. The key is to have a sound strategy in place.

Real Estate Advanced isn't just about theory – we walk the walk. Our in-house wholesale operations demonstrate the power of the strategies we teach. Clients benefit from this direct learning pipeline, gaining actionable insights to fuel their own real estate success.

We help investors stay competitive

Real Estate Advanced is a leading provider of real estate investment education and a respected real estate acquisitions company. We are committed to helping our clients achieve their financial goals through a combination of expert instruction and strategic property purchases.

Our team is made up of experienced real estate professionals who have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the industry. We provide a range of educational resources to help our clients learn the ins and outs of successful real estate investing.

In addition to our educational offerings, we also actively acquire properties across the country to add to our portfolio. Our team is skilled at identifying undervalued properties with potential for growth, and we have a proven track record of making smart, profitable investments.

At Real Estate Advanced, our mission is to empower our clients to become successful real estate investors and achieve their financial goals. We are dedicated to providing the education, support, and resources our clients need to succeed in today’s competitive real estate market.

In-House Accquistions and Dispositions

Real Estate Advanced goes beyond theoretical knowledge. We actively buy and sell commercial properties, demonstrating real-world applications of the strategies we teach. This dynamic environment immerses our community in the full commercial real estate lifecycle. Get actionable insights on finding under-valued properties, maximizing value, and executing profitable sales to accelerate your own investment success.

Here are some of the strategies we teach:​

Commercial ​

  • Repurposing offices
  • Performance increases
  • Conversions (hotel to multi family, office to residential)
  • Multi-family
  • Storage unit and development

Subject To

  • Short term alternative to hard money
  • Long term buy and hold
  • Turn key position sales for faster capital growth
  • Submarket targeting for sub to acquisitions
  • Allows for the acquisition of properties without a traditional mortgage


  • Performance based wholesaling
  • Lease option wholesaling
  • Negative equity wholesaling for high performance short term buyers
  • Low barrier to entry
  • Flexibility to tailor investment strategies to individual goals and market conditions

About RE-Advanced

Robert Foley is a seasoned real estate investor and educator with a passion for helping others succeed. With over 20 years of experience in real estate and 6 years educating, he has developed a unique perspective and a wealth of knowledge to share. He founded Real Estate Advanced (RE-Advance) to provide high-quality education and support to his fellow investors and help them reach their goals.